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Customer service gems

Posted by Siala Uepa-Holmes - Customer Service Manage on 1 March 2016

When it comes to customer service, there are plenty of ‘do’s and don’t’s’ – so where do you start?  We’ve put some key questions to Siala Uepa-Holmes, our Customer Service Manager to get her experience and some industry gems that could...

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10 payment plan tips

Posted by Jesse Harris - National Sales Manager (New Zealand) on 22 February 2016

Cashflow is essential to any organisation’s success.  Here are some things to consider when deciding to offer a payment plan option:

1. Frequency pays off so give options

The simple psychology of the subscription model...

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When is full service truly full service?

Posted by Wayne Pointon - Chief Operations Officer on 9 February 2016

A number of organisations claim they offer a full service – so what does this look like in the world of payment solutions?

When it comes to collecting regular payments from customers, some businesses follow up outstanding payments with an...

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Reversal rates review

Posted by Reversal Rates Test on 20 January 2016

Latest data around reversal rates provides interesting reading.  Recurring payments from bank accounts are 2.4 times more successful than from credit cards, and weekly payments are 1.9 times more successful than monthly payments.


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Looking for a membership payment solution?

Posted by Jesse Harris - National Sales Manager (New Zealand) on 19 January 2016

If you offer annual memberships, chances are you’re aware that people often indicate cost as a barrier to joining.  In fact, around a quarter of individuals surveyed* indicate upfront cost as a significant hurdle.

Statistics also show that...

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The service improvement toolbox

Posted by Wayne Pointon - Chief Operations Officer on 8 December 2015

When it comes to improving service, it’s a never ending quest.  An ongoing journey.  A constant challenge.  That’s why, as part of our service improvement adventure, we’ve introduced some new tools.

Our recently completed series of...

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Customer service – the backbone of any business

Posted by Siala Uepa-Holmes - Customer Service Manager on 16 October 2015

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You may have heard the saying ‘Customer service is not a department; it’s everyone’s job’.  In today’s competitive environment this is truer than ever – and coaching is key.

Like many businesses, Debitsuccess focuses a...

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Payment preferences – something for everyone

Posted by Davin Miller - Debitsuccess Australia CEO on 5 October 2015

When establishing a payment plan that works for your business and your customers, there are a number of components to consider.  For example, is there a favoured payment frequency or day?  Would people rather pay from a bank account or credit card? ...

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Rowing the Tasman Sea solo vs. Entering the US market

Posted by Shaun Quincey - Vice President SalesDebitsucceess US on 17 August 2015

In 1977, Colin Quincey was the first person to row the Tasman Sea solo from New Zealand to Australia.  In 2010 his son Shaun set off from Coffs Harbour in Australia to become the first person to row solo in the other direction, eventually crash landing...

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Lead generation: getting a game plan

Posted by Wayne Pointon - Chief Operations Officer on 31 July 2015

“What should we do this month?”

“How about we do a letter box drop?”

“Anyone got an idea?”

Operating without a marketing plan can take you on a wild ride – and even if you do get there you probably have no idea how...

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