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Being a customer service star

Posted by Siala Uepa-Holmes - Contact Centre Manager on 20 July 2015

As a finalist for Contact Centre Manager of the Year (under 50 seats), Debitsuccess Contact Centre Manager Siala Uepa-Holmes is well placed to provide helpful insights into the world of customer service.  Here are some snapshots to build customer...

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Did someone say subscription?

Posted by Shaun Quincey - President Debitsuccess USA on 22 May 2015

With the subscription revenue model easily incorporated into a growing number of industry verticals, this approach should be a key component of every business.

The health and fitness industry has been dominating the subscription economy for...

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Payment Plans for students: An easier way to pay

Posted by Davin Miller - Debitsuccess Australia CEO on 11 May 2015

There’s no doubt that education costs.  And when you’re a student, anything that can help you keep on top of these costs and make life easier between study, work and having a life is worth considering right?   

That’s why flexible payment...

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Communication, commitment and compliance key to data security

Posted by Brian Garrity - Head of Group Compliance on 23 March 2015

In an increasingly online world, data security is a hot topic.  For customers to transact with an organisation either online or via a contact centre, they need to be confident their payment details are secure and will not be compromised.  As a result,...

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Retention – it’s a marathon, not a sprint

Posted by Wayne Pointon - Chief Operations Officer on 3 March 2015

As the saying goes – It takes months to find a customer and only seconds to lose them.  And, while this rings true, customer retention has a different approach – it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

We all know that customers are imperative...

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When is full service truly full service?

Posted by Wayne Pointon - Chief Operations Officer on 20 January 2015

A number of organisations claim they offer a full service – so what does this look like in the world of payment solutions?

When it comes to collecting regular payments from customers, some businesses follow up outstanding payments with an...

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Direct debit drives donations

Posted by Jesse Harris - New Zealand Sales Manager on 15 December 2014

There are people out there – people who are willing to engage with your charity and donate to its cause.  So how do you turn them from a one-off donor into a regular supporter?

As a leading payment solution provider, we can help you develop...

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Customer Service Gems

Posted by Siala Uepa-Holmes on 17 November 2014

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When it comes to customer service, there are plenty of "do's and don'ts" – so where do you start? We’ve put some key questions to Siala Uepa-Holmes, our Customer Service Manager to get her experience and some industry gems that could make a difference...

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The art of outsourcing

Posted by Wayne Pointon - Chief Operations Officer on 16 July 2014

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The word outsourcing is often associated with negative overtones.  Think outsourcing, and there’s a high chance many will think of local job losses due to outsourcing of a company’s business function to the Philippines, or a less-than-satisfactory...

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The importance of compliance

Posted by Brian Garrity - Head of Group Compliance on 20 May 2014

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There’s no doubt today’s regulatory environment is becoming increasingly complex – and there’s no denying the importance of compliance in such an environment. 

Debitsuccess, part of the Transaction Services Group and Australasia’s...

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