Direct Entry

Direct Entry provides all of the benefits of electronic, real-time loading of Direct Debit Forms while retaining the best aspects of the personal, face to face sales process that is still an integral part of so many businesses.


Direct Entry is a Debitsuccess Software Application that utilises an electronic signature pad and web services to allow a customer to complete a Direct Debit Form on screen rather than on paper, including their personal signature. Customer details are sent directly to the Debitsuccess billing system via web services and loaded in real-time, so the Debitsuccess Customer Contact Centre can immediately provide feedback and assistance to your business and your customer. Copies of the contract are printed for the customer and archived locally for your future reference.



  • Direct Entry is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thereby eliminating any delays.
  • Forms are designed to imitate the look and feel of your Debitsuccess paper-based Direct Debit Form, and are therefore instantly familiar to both your sales staff and your customers.
  • Direct Entry is designed to be very user-friendly. The Debitsuccess team also provides initial training and ongoing local support where necessary.



  • Instant:
    Billing data is immediately loaded in the Debitsuccess billing system when a Direct Debit Form is completed and signed.
  • Improved Data Quality:
    By using the Direct Entry Software Application you enjoy the benefits of our contract validation features that ensure essential Customer and Payment information is completed correctly at the time of signing. No more delays in payment as a result of missing information in Direct Debit Forms.
  • Decreased Administration Costs: 
    Debitsuccess will completely manage the financial relationship with your customers.

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