Clubware moves into the cloud
23 April 2012

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Clubware, Australia’s leading fitness centre management software, is now available in a new, online platform that will let club managers access their facility data remotely via any device, and integrate across multiple locations.

Clubware is an industry specific facility management software package that was designed and developed with feedback from the health and fitness industry. Originally launched in 2001, with version 2.0 released in 2006, Clubware is distributed in Australia by payment processing company Debitsuccess. Today, more than 550 health and fitness clubs use it across Australasia.

Steven Holmes, Group IT Manager for Clubware, says that the new cloud based version means it is now “better than ever”, as it addresses several key areas of development that were highlighted by its engaged user base.

“The ability to choose an end point for accessing Clubware is definitely the most compelling aspect of this new solution for club managers, many of whom run facilities across several locations. Whether it’s a desktop PC, iPhone, iPad or other tablet or smartphone, the mobility that the Clubware cloud solution now provides makes it an incredibly compelling offer.”

Holmes says the earlier versions of Clubware did allow for integration of data across multiple sites, but it was something that the clubs had to set up themselves. He says all existing Clubware customers can upgrade to using the cloud solution immediately.

“All data can now be consolidated in real time with this cloud solution, which will help clubs provide a consistent service across all branches. What’s more, the external hosting now offered for Clubware means that your crucial data is secure and protected in the event of unforeseen disasters.”

Holmes says the flexibility of the ‘infrastructure as a service’ model allows smaller fitness clubs to take advantage of capabilities that were previously available only to larger chains who could invest in such an infrastructure.

“Essentially, the Clubware 2.0 cloud solution combines all the benefits of a mature, trusted application, with all the added advantages that external hosting technology provides.

“It is serviced through an industrial grade high end data centre with robust IT infrastructure, and backed up by an Australia-based technical support team that offers free introductory training.”

Holmes says a key aspect of Clubware’s capabilities is its seamless integration with the billing services provided by Debitsuccess, meaning that club managers can also easily sync their billing and credit control with Clubware.

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