Debitsuccess delivers big savings for small business
22 September 2011

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As one of Australia’s leading direct debit payment services companies, Debitsuccess works with some of the country’s largest fitness chains. However, as one sole-operating gym has found, being small doesn’t mean receiving any less service from Debitsuccess.

FormeFitness, a gym based in Myrtleford, a small country town in the Alpine Valley region of Victoria, has used Debitsuccess for processing their members’ direct debit payments for almost four years and is still one of their most loyal clients.

FormeFitness managers, Ivo and Maria Rinaldi, say they had nothing in place for collecting regular payments electronically when the fitness club first opened its doors. They soon realised they needed to do something after many requests from customers for an alternative payment method.

A friend referred them to Debitsuccess, as a third-party company to handle all billing administration. Since then, FormeFitness hasn’t looked back.

“The initial set-up process was so simple and easy,” says Maria; “The team at Debitsuccess were very friendly and were always happy to answer any of our questions.”

According to Ivo and Maria, FormeFitness clients leapt at the opportunity to pay their memberships via the regular direct debit option as it meant they did not have to deal with large one-off lump sum payments.

“Most of our clients are using this method of payment now, and I expect to see more and more clients shifting over to it,” says Ivo.

“They like having the option of paying for their memberships in installments at any frequency they prefer, while we like that it ensures we have a regular, monthly income stream.”

The benefits were felt immediately by FormeFitness staff as well, who found themselves with more time to get on with the job of securing and retaining new clients, while the payments were taken care of by Debitsuccess.

“Ultimately, the Debitsuccess service is very professional, and a highly effective time and money saver for us.”

Ivo says that with Debitsuccess’ service underpinning the revenue side of the business, FormeFitness has got on with creating an atmosphere at the gym where users of all ages, shapes and sizes feel comfortable using their facility.

FormeFitness contributes to the local Myrtleford community by hosting their very own weekly health group gatherings for the elderly, where a physiotherapist assesses any specific problems and assists in tailoring their fitness programs.

“At our gym, we welcome clients of all abilities, including the elderly and those with physical disabilities, so having a system that makes membership payments that much easier for everyone means we can take care of members all the more,” says Maria.

“I would recommend Debitsuccess to all fitness clubs in Australia, and any business that needs help with payment administration. Why waste time doing it yourself when there is a company who can do it all for you?”

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