Debitsuccess launches ‘Total Layby’ – an online lay-by payment tool for retailers under pressure
2 June 2012

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Outsourced lay-by solution will provide end-to-end service, says CEO

Australia’s leading payment solutions company, Debitsuccess, has launched a new web-based tool for retailers that enables them to process customer lay-bys with online direct debits.

Called Total Layby, the tool was developed by the transaction services company in response to a resurgence of consumer demand for the interest-free lay-by method of paying for goods, and the pressure faced by retailers who need to increase sales.

CEO of Debitsuccess, Davin Miller, says that the development of Total Layby was a natural step for the company, whose core business is providing full-service direct debit installment payment solutions to a wide range of industries, such as health and fitness, sports, insurance and education centres.

“If you can pay for your gym membership or sports team season ticket by small regular installments, why shouldn’t you be able to pay for clothes, toys or a TV in the same way, without incurring large interest penalties? This concept is about making things easier for retailers and more affordable for the consumer.”

Miller notes that the Australian Retailers Association has recently been promoting online lay-by methods, encouraging retailers to adopt systems that allow customers to choose products in store and make payments via the Internet.

“The resurgence of consumer interest in the lay-by option is a sign of the times. It is appealing to retailers and consumers who have had enough of maxed-out credit cards, and are returning to the tried-and-true responsible method of installment payments,” says Miller.

Miller says the Debitsuccess full-service solution will handle every part of the lay-by process from a paperless online sign-up to direct debit processing and credit control.

“Debitsuccess is ideally placed to deliver a highly secure, flexible online payment option that meets this need. We have already provided a similar lay-by payment solution for travel company LayAway Holidays that allows people to pay off their holidays via lay-by.”

Miller says unlike some other companies that only provide online lay-by software, Total Layby is backed up by its existing 80 seat call centre that can follow up any lapsing layby customers on behalf of the retailer.

“For retailers, providing a service like this has been in the too hard basket. Most would not have the staff or technical resources to be able to process partial payments for goods on lay-by, let alone chase up on missed payments. All those obstacles are now taken away with this totally outsourced lay-by solution provided by Debitsuccess.”

Miller says that the system can be customised to integrate with a retailers existing web site, and is backed up by Debitsuccess’ top-level compliance with international data security standards.

“Times are still tough for retailers, but with the Total Layby service they will have access to a paperless, fully secure service for processing customer lay-by purchases, which will expand their ability to secure income and satisfy the needs of today’s consumer.”

Debitsuccess has been providing billing services for Australian businesses since 2002. It is now the largest full service direct debit initiator in Australasia.

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