Benefits to your customers

Simple and hassle free

By setting up a direct debit or credit card debit with Debitsuccess your customer no longer has to do anything. Their bill will be paid for the right amount on the right day without any cost to them - no hassles.

They can align their payments to their income stream

If a customer gets paid on a Thursday they don't want their payment coming out every Wednesday. Payment frequencies can be arranged weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly and monthly so that we initiate the payment when there is most likely to be money in the account.

Choice of term or flexible arrangement

Your customer can choose to have a term contract that expires automatically once they have made all the required payments or a “flexi” contract that carries on after any minimum term until such time as they request it to stop.

Reversal call follow-up

Debitsuccess follow up any payment reversals with a courtesy call to your customer the very next day advising them of the reversal. In this way your customer is alerted to the state of their account and can look to avoid expensive bank fees as well as make an arrangement to bring their account up to date ASAP.

Ability to pay off early

Should your customer request, Debitsuccess can collect more than their required instalment so their liability is paid off earlier.

Ability to arrange catch-ups

From time to time a customer may fall behind in their payments. Debitsuccess will arrange with them a catch-up if they are unable to bring the amount up to date immediately. The catch-up amount must be realistic and the customer must comply with the arrangement to bring the account up to date again as soon as possible.

Customer Service: 1800 148 848
Sales Inquiries: 1300 473 463

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Security of data

Your customer can be assured that their bank account and/or credit card details are secure when held by Debitsuccess. Debitsuccess maintains professionalism and integrity throughout its entire billing process. As Australasia’s largest independent full service Direct Debit initiator, the company adheres to the standards of PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), is an Authorised Representative (AR407894) of Transaction Services Holdings Limited (AFSL 338256) within the Australian Financial Services Licensing Regime, and we are also externally audited.

A copy of the Debitsuccess Product Disclosure Statement is available by clicking here.

Click here to view a copy of the Debitsuccess PCI DSS Compliance Certificate.

Payments are handled by a professional billing company

Should there be a dispute between you, your customer knows that Debitsuccess is independent and will not act to their detriment. Similarly should something adverse happen to your business Debitsuccess will at all times act ethically and in accordance with the banking industry standards.