Offer affordable and efficient payment plans to suit your dance students’ individual lifestyle.

Class fees can be expensive, direct debit payment plans allow it to be paid off in smaller instalments.

Our direct debit payments plans assist in the conversion of casual attendees to regular students. It encourages newcomers to the studio as well as increasing student retention, whilst reducing your workload and administration fees.

Debitsuccess is the expert at collecting your money when it falls due. With an enviable collection rate, Debitsuccess is in a unique position of offering an efficient, effective service. Other companies often attempt to imitate but can rarely match it.

For more information on Debitsuccess’ direct debit for dance schools, please contact us today!

Direct Debit Provider For Dance Classes, we include:

Please note: If you regularly sign up customers who are mentors/under 18 that require Guarantors - we can help!

You can now capture guarantor details at the time of your dance class sign up. How? By using the Debitsuccess online sign up forms, known as OMG – Online Management Gateway.

This includes capturing both Minor and Guarantor contact information on the same sign-up form. It also ensures that Debitsuccess has the correct information for correspondence and communication.

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