Step 1

Debitsuccess provides a starter pack to enable you to start billing your customers immediately.

Step 2

Your customers sign a payment agreement supplied by Debitsuccess, which incorporates a direct debit or recurring credit card authority. You then return the signed agreements to us and from there on Debitsuccess will collect monies from your customers on the dates and frequencies that you have agreed with them.

Step 3

One of Debitsuccess’ points of difference is our credit control facility. Within 24 hours of notification of dishonoured payments, we will have contacted the appropriate customers by the best means for them, arranging for a catch up of the failed payment. To support the phone calls, SMS and e-mails we also send a series of letters on your behalf. This will normally go through three cycles. If we are still unsuccessful we can then refer the account to a debt collection firm, with your authority.

Step 4

Debitsuccess deposits the monies that it collects on your behalf into a specially designated bank account which is internally audited on a daily basis. On a weekly or fortnightly basis these monies are transferred into your own bank account. Accompanying these payments are a full set of reports to enable you to track the payments of your customers or if you like you can gain access to all your customers payment history via our secure website.

For more information on how direct debit can work for your business contact Debitsuccess today.