In today’s increasingly competitive environment, member retention continues to fly the flag high as a cost-effective and profitable business strategy. The following four tips emphasise the importance of retaining members and how you can ensure your association is playing its best card in this area:

  1. Start your retention process as soon as your member joins

It is said that the first year of membership holds the greatest risk for drop-off – so, to help keep your association at the front of your new member’s mind, we suggest creating a drip-feed style email campaign.

Organising a campaign with tailored emails scheduled every few weeks over a period of time can help showcase the features and benefits of being a member with your association and is a great, effective way to passively get engaged with your new members.

  1. Stay in touch with your members

Membership retention is one of the most common challenges associations face. A harsh truth is that some members who don’t renew their membership may not maximise the benefits of the membership or may no longer feel there is value in the membership for them.

Nobody likes to feel like they are just another number – reach out to your members and keep your communication customised and personal; for example, having a personalised subject line is 22.2%[1] more likely to be opened than a generic subject line.

  1. Begin the renewal process early

Members can easily forget to renew their memberships due to a lack of urgency and reminders. To make the carry-over period easier,we suggest that you create three to four touch-points start the renewal process months in advance.

These touch-points can be crafted in the form of early reminders emails to your members to renew their memberships. Remember, this is also an ideal opportunity to remind members of all benefits that come with your membership.

  1. Let past members know you miss them

Members who have left aren’t always gone forever. We suggest calling previous members around six or so months after their membership has expired.

A personal phone call to see where your past members are at and if they would like to re-join tied in with a nice, exclusive discount offer to restart their membership is an effective strategy to revive past memberships and inspire them to renew with you again.

Building your memberships is more than simply building numbers. Members are imperative to the survival, growth and success of any association and, in most cases, people are keen to be part of an association that is relevant to them, and they feel like they belong and are valued.

With focused, cost-effective strategies, you can ensure you are consistently creating deeper, value filled relationships with your members; in return, they will keep you at the front of their minds, positively impacting your member retention and your association.

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[1] Resource – Blogspot The Ultimate List of 2012 Email Marketing Stats