Secure Payment Solutions

Debitsuccess offers the most innovative Online Management Gateway (OMG)

At Debitsuccess we’re excited to deliver the latest in billing technology with the development of our Online Management Gateway (OMG). OMG is Australia’s best payment solution that offers customers an instant sign up facility via our secure online platform, enabling your organisation to bill credit cards, debit cards or direct bank accounts.

Benefits of collecting payments using OMG

  • Convenient: No need for prospective customers to visit you in person
  • Instant: No paper, no signatures, no waiting
  • Security of income: OMG paperless contracts can eliminate the need for annual renewals
  • Decreased Administration Costs: Debitsuccess will completely manage the financial relationship with your customers
  • Integration: Your OMG form can be linked to your website or Facebook page to create a seamless sign up process

Features of our secure payment gateway

  • OMG is hosted by Debitsuccess so there is no investment required on your behalf to utilise this cutting-edge technology.
  • OMG is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thereby eliminating any delays.
  • Forms and templates are fully customisable to match the branding and look of your own website.
  • OMG is designed to be very user-friendly. The Debitsuccess team also provides initial training and ongoing local support where necessary.

Click here to view an example of an OMG form

Customer Service: 1800 148 848
Sales Inquiries: 1300 473 463

Online Inquiries: Click Here

OMG allows customers to sign up to a recurring payment contract instantly.