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November 2014 - SSLv3.0 Deprecation

Posted by Hung Nguyen on 4 November 2014


Debitsuccess wishes to advise clients as a preventative measure the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol have been disabled on...

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July 2014 Paynow Supports Bank To Bank Transfer

Posted by Hung Nguyen on 18 July 2014


Paynow now supports bank to bank transfer

Paynow our on line payment system now supports direct bank transfer, direct bank transfer allow our client customers to securely pay via bank transfer to Debistuccess. This will allow our client's customers...

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March 2014 Updated Web Services Documentation

Posted by Hung Nguyen on 10 March 2014

Web services api and user guide have been updated with corrections and new messages.

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August 2013 Web Service Release

Posted by Hung Nguyen on 27 August 2013

• Ability to increase account balance with AdjustAccountTotalValue message (restrictions removed).

• ExternalTransactionIdentifier was added to GetPaymentHistory messages

• Ability to adjust the external account reference number...

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