Waiting for bills to be paid is not only frustrating, but it can be a financial strain on your business – regardless of its size.

A recent article in the National Business Review noted that many Kiwi companies are failing to pay their bills promptly, let alone on time. According to the article, publicly listed firms took on average 51 days to pay their bills during the 2011 December quarter.

It’s concerning that so many large-scale companies, both private and publicly listed, could get away with this level of tardiness. For the businesses waiting to receive the funds they were owed – and yours could have been one of them – it would have meant added uncertainty at the end of a tough year.

You might ask, why were the businesses that were owed money, not making it a priority to chase these outstanding amounts? As many who have done it would know, debt collection can take a significant amount of time, stamina, fortitude and resources – things that most businesses have precious little to spare.

In some companies, it could be days or even weeks before missed payments are noticed – by which time, a cash-flow problem is already brewing.

This is where the full-service Debitsuccess model can benefit your business. Outsourcing bill payment collection saves money, time and of course, takes the burden of credit control off your staff.

With Debitsuccess handling your regular bill collection, dishonoured payments are immediately identified and followed up. Our trained call centre staff can promptly liaise with your customers to rectify the overdue amount. This reduces the number of delayed payments that cause problems for the finance department.

Debitsuccess is helping thousands of businesses streamline their processes and operate more efficiently, making it easier for management, staff and most importantly, your customers, to do business with you.

This year, don’t get stuck waiting for customers to pay you. Minimise the impact of delayed payments in your business by letting Debitsuccess take away the stress with our specialised and professional service.