Ignite Fitness 2019 Crowne Plaza February 22nd will be a first in the Australian Fitness Business Industry.
Sponsors are on board and ready to go ✔️

Our first guest speaker James Short will educate you and give you the tools to buy, sell, exit and succeed. The day you open your business is the day you set up your exit strategy!

Our second guest and panel will excite, motivate and take you out of your comfort zone to ignite your passion deeper and set you up for success.

Thomas Plummer will be gifting all those who attend with an opportunity in the U.S.

Applications to present in our Ignite Ted Talk Style presentations are still open until Friday 14th December. This is a great career opportunity for upcoming presenters.

Limited spots will be open to attend our first collaborative event, so register your interest NOW! meltempest.net/Ignite/

ignite fitness 2019

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