How do we report?

Understanding your company’s financial performance is crucial when making decisions for your business, which is why we have a range of valuable reports that provide important insights into your accounts and the billing that Debitsuccess manages on your behalf.

At Debitsuccess we provide you with comprehensive reporting to help you analyse trends, see outstanding payments, review changes in accounts and provide an overall understanding of your business. We send automated daily and weekly reports straight to your inbox as well as providing you with a unique client login to access a suite of reports via our website anytime.

Daily Status Report

This report is emailed everyday and shows all the changes on your accounts from the previous day. There are seven sections within a daily status report, providing you with key information on how your business is tracking on a daily basis.

Sections within the Daily Status Report include:

  • Clients added
  • Clients cancelled
  • Clients suspended
  • Clients due to expire or cancel in the next 30 days
  • Client cancellation requests
  • Clients with payments stopped
  • Clients with payments made at the business

Weekly Payout Report

Emailed weekly, the Payout Report provides a summary of all the payments collected or reversed from the previous week.

Sections within the Weekly Payout Report include:

  • A tax invoice – including all funds collected and deposited
  • Full list of payments received
  • Payments made directly to your business
  • Clients added for the week
  • Clients cancelled for the week
  • Accounts suspended for the week
  • Any overdue accounts and the reason for reversal

Client Login

We give you the tools you need to generate reports as and when you need to through our Online Client Login. Available 24/7 and with the most up to date data, the Online Client Login gives you the freedom to create adhoc reports when it suits you.

The following reports can be accessed via the Online Client login.

  • Clients Added - the clients added within specified time range
  • Client Balances – the amount left to pay on your customer’s account
  • Clients Cancelled – the clients cancelled within specific time range
  • Client Listing – the active customers you currently have
  • Clients Overdue – the customers that currently have overdue accounts
  • Clients Suspended – the customers that currently have suspended accounts

Multiple Businesses

Are you an owner of multiple businesses?

We have developed our Online Client Login software to suit all businesses large and small. If you are a business owner of multiple sites, you can simply export reports for a particular site or all your sites at the click of a button, saving you time to focus on what’s important, running your business!


We offer a variety of powerful analytical reports that enable you to analyse things such as reversal rates by day of the week, payment type and frequency, reversal rates by gender as well as the sales trend analysis by day, week and month.

Our analytics reports give you a deeper understanding of your business and the ability to examine particular areas that are performing well and areas that could be improved.

Your Account Manager can help analyse your data and provide you with an ideal Billing strategy to achieve your business goals. Speak with your Account Manager to discuss your analytics requirements.