When it comes to improving service, it’s a never ending quest. An ongoing journey. A constant challenge. That’s why, as part of our service improvement adventure, we’ve introduced some new tools.

Our recently completed series of training videos support the documented training processes; all focused on how to use our direct debit systems. We now have around 80 processes detailed, each with an accompanying video of the process, as well as an assessment document to measure understanding.

This is on top of our use of Learning Planet, which has a large number of online pieces available around how to deal and speak with customers.

In addition, we have initiated a customer feedback loop to assess the quality of the interactions we have via email and over the phone. All email responses now feature a link to a customer satisfaction survey so customers can rate the quality of the interaction, providing valuable feedback for our team.

We also select 50 calls each day for our Customer Service Manager and Credit Control Manager to invite feedback by sending a personal email invitation to customers who have called. This initiative is still in the early days, however feedback to date has been very useful. As a result we have initiated workshops on email responses to further improve our quality in this area and have planned small group training for customer discussions.

We see ourselves in the Debitsuccess Contact Centre as a retention team and we believe quality interactions are key to retaining customers for longer – benefitting both our clients and ourselves. For this reason, we’re continuously reviewing and evolving the tools in our service improvement toolbox.