Energy was surging throughout the 38th Annual IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show in San Diego, California with over 12,000 fitness industry experts from across the globe, buzzing about the latest trends in equipment and technology, and the current market shifts to focus on. Among the 400+ exhibitors, we were proud to once again showcase our services.

After hosting a reception for our incredible clients and partners, some that even flew in from Australia and Europe, we were able to speak with our prospective clients at the convention about the new features on our products and our unique capabilities. On March 13th – 16th, TSG was proud to exhibit a new Clubware mobile app that enables members to book gym classes and manage their gym memberships. We were also able to present the latest upgrade to our Debitsuccess payments platform providing financial analytics.

Upon making new connections in our second year at the event, we took the opportunity to learn the latest industry knowledge being offered all around us. The fitness industry is booming with countless growth opportunities. With powerful keynote speakers and over 150 classes to choose from, there was a lot to soak in. With the overwhelming information that surrounded us, we were able to condense our findings into three categories:

  • Brand Culture and Customer Experience
  • Fitness Tech and Innovation
  • New Revenue Solutions

Brand Culture and Customer Experience should go hand-in-hand with any business operation. But what should be focused on in today’s age of rapid innovation and communication? Lifestyle activities are at an all-time high with different inspirations to choose from at every corner. Keeping your members loyal and engaged is highly dependent on how your gym’s brand permeates throughout the culture of your business.

In Denise Lee Yohn’s keynote: The Fusion Formula: Brand + Culture = Results, she said, “You need to align your brand and culture. To do this, you need to ground your organization in an overarching purpose and a single set of core values.”

She also stated that 13% of employees feel engaged in the workplace. Employee engagement and team building are imperative to a gym’s brand as members will perceive the company’s image through the engagement of its employees. Delivering their own experiences at their jobs makes an impact on how the customer experiences your gym.

To solve this issue, Craig Weber, author of “Conversational Capacity,” gave out tips on how to conquer fear around those difficult conversations to communicate team goals. Keeping a cohesive team to perform well under pressure should be continuously looked at by understanding employee needs with open dialogue.

Brand and marketing strategist, Rohit Bhargava, showed us that trust is imperative in today’s skeptical world. His keynote emphasized that we’re in a global believability crisis, and we must do our best to be more transparent than ever before. Employees need to trust their employers in enriching their lives as much as customers need to trust the employees of your gym’s brand.

Fitness Tech and Innovation was off the charts this year. From climbing simulators to Virtual Reality treadmills, and body mapping to the latest wearables, the ideas presented on the exhibition floor were a lot to keep up with. As a software-based revenue management company, our interests were focused on trends in data analytics and tailored programs that boost income for clients who use our products.

We were proud to display our updates with Clubware and Debitsuccess. Convenience for member payments and reports from our platforms provide optimal revenue retention and growth for the gyms that we work with. Other companies on the floor had A.I. to predict fitness trends and gamification systems to encourage gym-goers to reach their goals and keep up with attendance.

Keynote speaker Chris Riddell, was an astounding asset to the event by taking us through the relevance of how current digital technology is interacting with gym members. “They don’t remember the workout, they remember the experience.”

It’s wonderful to see new insights in technology, year after year, to find more avenues for revenue gains. With all the products we provide, TSG is proud to be a global leader in this field.

New Revenue Solutions are coming into the fitness market with exercise trends and technology. An interesting statistic that came out was that 90% of gym members don’t sign up for personal training due to affordability. To combat this issue, dynamic virtual gym spaces are being created where members can create self-service routines with digital personal trainers, including group settings. And there is software, such as Clubware, that manage personal training and classes to reduce administration costs.

Another revenue trend is including obstacle course training for casual gym goers to become more engaged. They can even bring their friends. And pay-as-you-go programs for the transient crowd can generate some extra income on top of traditional membership subscriptions.

The team at TSG had a blast showing gym owners how our solutions can help grow their businesses. We customize our services around your gym administration needs by using our products to aim at revenue management.

Clubware offers comprehensive reports on billing and member management. Plus, it integrates with other software for wider accessibility to facility services. And the app makes it easy for members to make payments, book classes, and keep track of their schedules.

Debitsuccess provides gyms with financial reporting as well as 24-hour customer service for direct debits and credit control. It integrates with Clubware and has all the key performance indicators needed to optimize cash flow.

Focusing on your members’ needs should be top priority instead of worrying about the finances. Let us do the heavy lifting by taking care of your revenue growth with our payment solutions and gym management software. You’ll be glad you did.